Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ahhh!! Embarrasing balz!!

I was suppose to sleep on my bed. Suddenly something stupid that I used to do it at time came into my mind. I tried to wear my formal wear at the late of the night(it's de 2nd time cause i'd tried it in de evening and I did captured my own shank). Well, it was half formal cause I'm wearing T-shirt... =.="
I went out the room trying to look at myself in the mirror since I thought everyone was sleping and Jinn wasn't here. I didn't even sneaking until Sumay suddenly appeared. AHhhh!! WTF.. That was so embarrasing man!! So, so SO embarrasing!!! And somemore she was laughing at me.
Story hasn't ended. Su went into her room and I thought she wouldn't come out that fast. So I was looking at myself again. She opened the door telling me that she wanted to brush her teeth. =.='' That was the second embarrassment...
Ish.. Guess I would never do that again(in a short moment). Ha, ha, ha!!!

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