Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I saw him a few times and I was stable. I saw him just now, then I wasn't that stable! Ha ha ha!! Guess what, he said 'Hey!' to me and then smiled to me. Well, I didn't give him the flashes smile but just gave him the same respond- nodded my head. =.="
Kinda happy with that balz! 'Cause that was the first time we greeted each other. There was a time I sat beside his table at chinese shop but he just noticed that my friends were there instead of me.. Hihi.. I captured a few shots of him that day. Hihi..
Hm.. Anyway, the best feature was the first time I caught him. That time was like there's thunder upon my head and I stunned there like about 10 sec. Ha.. still happy with that.
However, I'm not that unstable as my roommate. She was like keep repeating Mr. Eggy's and super energetic when he talked to her. =.="
There's just light wave in my heart... ...Muaahahah...


jl said...

lolz, who is he ? !

shella said...

Check out the title- Crush~
You'll know then...
Ha ha ha!!!