Tuesday, February 28, 2006


It was a throat aching day. Usually I wouldn't care about that much. God knows how lazy I am to visit to the doctor. But this time, I was afraid and I visited the doctor on the next day. You know why? Yea right, 'cause I had dinner at Nando's on saturday evening. And when I told +0 that the reason I went for the doctor immediately, she laughed like MAD.=.="' What de heck?!
However, really feeling better after the medicine. Ha, I took my medicine on time. Since when started I never took medicine on time? Lolz...

Like I mentioned before, 3rd trimester is a busy trimester. Got a lot of assigments and presentations. I was wondering, what am I doing since everyone is busy with their presentation, no matter group presentation or individual. Well, I did went to the group discussion with Put and friends.
MMU is full of facilities but I never fully used it nor appreciate it. I don't like library, it just make me feel sleepy instead of studying.

Between, I'm going back on this Thursday afternoon. Sigh, I might skip the last class(again) which is at 4 till 5 in the evening. Yeahh.. Miss my buddies a lot and ofcourse, my family.. =)

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