Monday, February 27, 2006


Why huh? It was a sudden when it came into my mind. I told Jimmy that I wanted to send him that line. Ha! I did it.
'No reason, I just hate u...'
I sent out this line. I sent to his conversation. Ha, ha! I think Jimmy nodded when I told him that I wanted to send it. I think I'm insane. Truly insane!! I don't know why I did that. So funny right? But it's true. You won't feel better while u're hating someone.

Am I desperate that kind of things? I guess Mr. A does. That's why.. Ha.. that's why... Rotten core...

-You know why God created gap between fingers?
So that one day the perfect one made for U will come N' fill the gaps by holding your hand-

When will that person come and fill my gaps?

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