Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I suppose to lay on my bed and keep my eyes shut. Oh yea... Happy 19th Birthday yea Jinn~ Came back for your sake lar dear! Oh sh*t... Look at my screen, the colur is nice and yet, it freaks me out.. Yarks.. What to do? System halted...zZzz...
Hm.. Suddenly became dumb when he told me that he was on de phone. I wondered who was that but I never ask. Have to use to it- Not to ask anything that's non of my business. Chill Shella... It's ok with you isn't it?
Aikss.. Early in de morning but I'm going to sleep.. EXtremely tired now! Since I arrived at this historical land I was rushing to get my roommate's present and busy requiring 'bout the pice of hotel room in Pg..
My eyes can't stand anymore. So, hafta take a loNg nap~

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