Monday, January 09, 2006

Sorry 'bout that...

My bro screwed me when i was with jimmy n guys. Aikss.. So awkward.. He was right. I went out everyday with my friends since i came back and i never really done what i should do. Feel so bad that i didn't accompany mummy but went out everyday.. Sorry ya mum.. So.. No matter how i have to get a flying color for my result! Huh.. That's why i'm immersing myself in my econ text book... So bored.. Can't really concentrate. Went to water de flowers at my balcony.. Blogging.. Ish..
Going back to mlc tmr morning! For what? For de sake of my roommate.. Her birthday wut.. Else she's gonna complain,"don thought that roommate won't get jealous yea!".. Lolz.. What a roommie..
Well.. To away from my credit is getting low cz of using my hp to write blog- that's a stupid way! A waste of money.. Ish.. So hafta stop here la..
Good luck! Better score a higher CGPA, else i no need to come back.. :s

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