Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hafta fight for it!!

Hm.. So sleepy man! I'm just woke up.. Sh*t! I haven't finished my studies since my final is getting nearer as day goes by...
Recall it...Hm.. I'm really happy although I was a bit...~ Lolz.. at least I remembered what I'd done, just not really can balanced myself.. Haha.. but seriously, that was a very happy night!
I'm not sure what kind of feeling I have while facing him. When I was in his arm, when I was saying something... Why huh? After that I felt nothing and continue the night with my friends... Just like- whatever~ Maybe.. no more waiting or hoping are attached on him. Well, I'm not so sure, it's just an assumption...
Yo~ I hafta to make up de day! Get it started, then after final, HahAHA.. I can get insane again! Yeah! Sashiki ah.. If I've go before you submit ur assignment, dont blame me yea! Lolz.. but don ya worry.. WIll join you on that day!! Lolz..18th Jan 2006~~
Oops.. Don't ya too into it huh Shella~ :)

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