Wednesday, January 11, 2006

One of de characteristics...

It'd been a long time I didn't continue it. I turned back de previous pages of my diary. It was de stories about Yb and I; my feeling onto this guy; my persistence onto him. Since when de feeling has gone? It disappeared without my notice. Nice to hear that isn't it?
I'm quite confused about de feeling to gee. It's like hard to say, hard to understand, hard to clear. I'm tired with that. Rather confusing than understanding every fact well.
Guys are selfish. Girls are selfish. Why? 'Cause these are human being. When a guy doesn't give a proper answer to you, it doesn't mean that he is confusing what he wants but he's just using an excuse to away from the responsibilities and regrets. Not in de mood to get started in a relationship? Was that an excuse? Ask yourself. If you are really loving someone, will you just leave her like that when she wants to be with you? Will you tell her that 'I'm not yet ready dear..'? You wouldn't. Cause the feeling has gone.
He told me that better not to talk on de phone that often. The bill..etc. But, I found that he was on the phone several times. Guys.. Ha, ha! This is a sarcastic laugh for u!! What the F***!
I know! I should have hold my emotion and keep it calm. Well, I'm doing that. It's NON of you business Shella!
I'm almost over you! Keep on going...

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