Monday, January 02, 2006

Tired+fun= 01.01.2006

I'm at Mlc again. When I think back we had waited thr truck for more than 7 hours, I really can't imagine this kind of thing would happen on me. Lolz.. It was fun after we reach Time Square. Ofcourse! Shopping made my day. Har.. Feel that I'm so nice cause I bought clothes for my sister.. :)
Spent my 2006 at Genting. Yb was there. We met each other before I came back here. It was a sudden feeling. It'll disappear after that. Maybe he had played an important in my life before. So, no wrong to think much right? Lolz.. But this kind of feeling will disappear after I dont see him for a moment. Like before, when we had a long time didn't meet each other, I'll forget about him; when I saw him.. lolz.. YB Club existed~
Finaly! The horrible year has passed! Let the joy and pain be my past and I'm ready to get another joyful moment with peoply around me. Although I can feel that he was just went through the motion when I wished him 'Happy New Year, maybe used to be like that. So, felt nothing. When I knew that they were there, used to it also. Can stand for that d. So, felt nothing. When I knew some other thing that I never know, that kind of feeling started. Why? Why am I like that huh? But.. Whatever! I don't wanna care much about this person's stuff. Just forget about it. And I'm so surprised when I got know something. Maybe someone will feel disappointed...

Yeah!!! Welcome to 2006!! A year is wished that could has a bit different with 2005! Wish that it;s a joyful year, better than 2005!! And no more pain!! :)
*Happy 2006*

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