Saturday, December 31, 2005

Wit's end...

When I saw she was crying, I can't do anything even speak out a word. When I saw she was crying, I knew she was suffering. I can see that. I can feel that. Why? 'cause I passed through before. I just can stay by her side, listen to her and cry with her. I can't say or do anything cause I'd out of wit.
When one does't know the truth he/she will desire to know that no matter how much he/she has to pay for it. Even if one tells oneself that he/she dones't care how cruel is it; but he/she would rather don't know anything after knowing the truth.
It's not worth at all. Maybe, maybe I'm a BIT lucky than her. Or maybe that moment hasn't come. If that moment comes, maybe my reaction will worse than her. Much worse... I'll get mad.

p/s: It's already 31st of Dec, 2005...

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