Saturday, December 31, 2005

Gonna leave and greet for another one...

Looking at the date, 30th December 2005. This year is going to the end and.. I think I should have get prepared to greet for another year.
While walking with my roommate just now I was wondering, is it I'm scared of my moody condition and those saddening moment that I used to spend so often last time? I guess so.. I'm afraid. I don't want this kind of emotion anymore. The lyrics still works. While listening to it I still can feel it but I don't wish that I'm gonna get into it one more time.
Meng Horng was freaking me out. I'm so scared to chat with him cause everytime he would say something that strike my mind. When I told him that a brand new year should have a brand new life and he was like doubt on me then kept instilling something onto my mind! Damn it. I'm not yet stand still and I'm afraid I'll get moved by his words. So, I blocked him for about 15 minutes.. Haha..
What am I doing de whole day? Watching drama, lazed at de chair and sitting feelingless in front of the pc..
Waiting for the time to strike at 0400, and I'm gonna start to greet for another brand new day, brand new year, brand new Shella, brand new me...

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