Monday, January 02, 2006

Gimme some idea!!!

Before that I'd thought of getting a new blog cause I don't want de past influences me. It's a bad, scary, horrible year. I wanna get a pure, new blog and it's 2006 now lar! But.. I think I'm in love to this current blog. So, inde end, I didn't change it. Lolz... I'm alwiz irresoluted lar! Ish...
I was so confused whether going back to bw or not. If I knew that I can go back this week, I should have spend new year with my friends~ Aiyar.. like CK said, if I can expect everything then I don't need to stand here d lar.. Lolz.. Aikss.. I'm so suduceable! Sashiki told me that Simone might be joining them this Wednesday.. Arhg.. Made me confused!!! But, my final is on next week and I haven't started ANY subject yet! sigh..
I tend to do my revision if I really get back! No no.. cant play a fool this time! It's final man! And I kept asking them whether should I get back or not.. Lolz.. Ck promised me to come out this Wed!!
Well, my brother allowed me to go back and I promised him that I've to study hard. Yea.. I have to. So, +0!! Wait for me yea! We go to library together!! Hahaha.. And I've asked for Alfred's permission. He said we can study at his house! Lolz.. and we can ask him to treat us snacks and ice-cream!! Kekekez..
Wish to go back tomorrow morning but just afraid that the seats are fully occupied.. :s
Whatever~ Just follow the flow... :)

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shy said...

Hey, i had read the comment that u leave, thanks..i got read comment nowadays.. :) Better concentrate at ur studies ler, worrk hard ya