Thursday, January 12, 2006

Laze for a while~

Done my English paper just now. Hm.. Task A was a bit difficult but I think, not as blur as Mid Term.. Lolz...
Gonna sit for my Econ. paper tomorrow..Erm, well, is less than 12 hours later.. =.=" Hm.. Lemme laze for a while... Stop at Chapter 4, two more chapter to go... Sigh.. I actually skipped chapter 3~ Whatever~~
Just finished glancing de friendster of Jinn's friend's friend..whatever.. Mandy... She freaks me out man.. Admiring her Gothic style and her insane onto Marilyn Manson. Overall, she's cool...
I'm wondering, what will this kind of people feels when they meet the love problem.. They will cry? they will hatred everything? Or hide themself in de room and turn on de music loudly? Or...?? Just curious about that..
Hm.. I hafta continue my studies... Kinda late man!

Principles of Economics II- 2.30pm*Jan 12, 2006

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