Friday, December 16, 2005

A wonderful night?

I was on my way back to Butterworth. By that moment, I really really can't wait for a single moment to meet my friends; I can't wait to see Cynthia's respond if she sees me.. lolz... I went inside there but she wasn't there. Met Summer, Piggie, Chee Chang and friends... He looks better that before after came back from Australia~! Ha.. I was hiding behind Summer when Cyn came back. I thought she saw me when she put de drinks on the table but when Summer pulled her, then.. I appeared!! SURPRISE!! I think U might feel very surprise, aren't u?
He was there yesterday night.. At first I was... hm.. not feeling comfortable but then everything was fine! Yea.. I think everything would be fine... :)
We were high yesterday. We had a lot of fun yesterday. Perhaps we were too insane and.. but after that everything was fine.. Oh yea.. I almost can't meet my friends yesterday. I wan so scared when the bus bumped another vehichle.. So scarey... But I'm now right here, one piece~! Hahaha...
Was yesterday a wonderful night? I think so... :)
Happy 18th Birthday to my dearest friend, Cynthia...

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