Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Happy day~!

I went for Narnia just now. Arrghh!! I like that show very very much! Lolz.. And we went there by 4 cars. Epin was driving alone. Khim and Alex took their car and we rented Serena. I drove it to MP man! Haha.. SO long time never drive already. I'm so happy. It was unexpected. I still can enjoy with my friends before the day I... ehhm..:) So glad I have them.
After finished the movie we went to Malacca River. Oh well, before that we stopped in front of Equatorial Hotel cause Alex that fella wanna pee...=.="
The river, the scenary quite nice, at night. I captured some pictures over there. Then after that we went to Char Siu Fan. Just came back.. Hm.. Tired? I don't feel so but quite energetic.. Oh yea.. while we were at de river there, suddenly the rain came. We took the cake and ran to a hut. Though de body was a bit sticky but no blames on that.. ha, ha...
So happy spending de night with all of them!

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