Saturday, December 17, 2005

Can't I stay around?

4 days are not enough for me!! I dont wanna go bak to de bloody shit Malacca. I started dislike Malacca! Places that we can go are no longer de place that we can always hang around.. JJ, MP.. So boring!!
We're going to Pg sooner or later. We are organizing an apartment stay. I was thinking, if it canceled, I would be fine with that. Cause I dont know how to explain to my brothers when they get know that I'll stay overnight. Mum allowed me to go. Since I came back, I'm very close to her. Talk to her politely and she does. She was so kind. Yesterday when I woke up de porridge had finished and she purposely cook some fried rice for me.. Haha.. So delicious! And just now she tended to cook porridge for me but I feel so guilt. I know I wouldn't taste it cause now I already at shy's house. Atfirst we were waiting for CC but now I'm waiting for shy's return.. Waiting for my meal.. hehe
I wasn't that fine yesterday. Perhaps de sleeping time was too early to me and I can't sleep. Started to think again! But, I just got fine in a while.. I'm still take offense about things I saw that day.. The expression in his eyes at that moment.. The action that he did.. The things that he concerned... What were that mean?? Please.. Could be anyone but not people around me and close to me...

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