Sunday, December 18, 2005

Fun at Batu Ferringhi~~

Friday, we went to Batu Ferringhi.. It was fun!! Really! Although I had been insulted by CC thousand time till I looked like an idiot~!!
We played beach ball at the sea-side, they tried to bury me with sand and made me looked like a pregnant mermaid with imbalance boobs... hahaha.. We took a lot of photos indeed.
Before we went for a movie- Perhaps Love, we had a BBQ. It wasn't going that smooth but it was fun! Kinda satisfied with that cause I put a lot of effort in that u know! Trying to keep de fire burning when it was drizzling... I think our chicken and sausages weren't that 'clean'.. Cause they were scorched and with sand... It wasn't that hygienic but we were happy with that!!
An apartment stay, sure with gambling!! Who was the winner? Shella Lee!! That's me!! hahaha...
The next day(today) before going back, we went to Gurney and hung around... Nothing to do but my purse was bleeding... :s
I just realized that I haven't done my assignment- power point which is with opened topic... Hm.. Thanks for my friends... So happy spending the time with them.. but at the same time I feel so sorry to mummy.. I didn't really accompany her this time. Intend to celebrate Christmas with Louie since she would go to KL next week. But I think if I wanna go back, I must bring my mum out.. Christmas.. suppose to celebrate with family isn't it?
Alright, hafta stop by now..
See yea~

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