Saturday, December 24, 2005

A sucks journey...

I donated 10 bucks for the orphanage.. hm.. kinda happy though that time didn't have much $...
The journey was really really sucks! If wasn't my smart brain? I would die in Pudu; If I had de fire I would burn de whole Pudu! WTF!!
I paid extra 3 bucks for the extra bus which I thought it should had depart at 2:30 but then I was still at Pudu when it was already 3 something! I was in de non-VIP seated bus. Nevermind! A full of dust' bus. Nevermind! But it was already 3 something! I rather wait for the bus which was at 4:30!! Maybe by waiting for that I can hang around at Coffee Bean as my usual thought... WTF!!
When I was so pissed off... The Mrs. M behind me with her kid, kept kicking at my seat.. ArRghh... I can't stand for any single moment!! I called to de counter and finally.. I got de original Konsortium bus at 4pm... Sucks!! I should have arrive earlier right! What de f*ck!
Whatever lar.. I'm here now with my family again~ :)
His family will hold a BBQ tmr night. As a friend, it's no wrong if I'm joining. But.. I dont wan't people to have the chance to say that I still confuse his mum or his family about de relationship btw us.. So.. Dont know how lar.. even I wish to join... but I think my family would have a BBQ also at tmr night.. ~
Hm... got a lil bit miss him ler... Can I?

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