Friday, December 23, 2005

Fun after having depression... :s

It's her turn to don't know whether wanna laugh or cry. Feel like crying until laugh and laugh until de eyes get wet. I was like that before. I passed through that. But now, I don't know how to cry. Even sometimes I feel like crying but I just.. can't.. What replaced that? The bad mood replaced that and I'll get irritated easily. Maybe that day I just wanted to cry and I can't. Ended up talking on de phone with him. I cried. I cried when talking and mentioning de past but I was alright after that.
I had a mind just now. Really feel like wanna be with him. Don't wish that thes is the ending.. I don't want.. How I wish that Icould turn back time.. How I wish that I can get back to 8th of April 2004.. The day I broke up with him. Although the days onwards we were still loving each other until.. until he deserted me. But I know.. the feeling wont come back even if we get back together...

Oh yea, really had fun just now. Went out with Jinn and the guys. 9 people in a car... Aikss... And me and my roommate were sitting at de front. 6 big dump ass sitting at de back.. Lolz.. It was fun..~ Char Siu Fan.. so nice..

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