Friday, December 23, 2005

Hot temper..

Don't know why recently very easy to get pissed off. I cant stay patient.
If I knew that I can take de quiz after 3 in de afternoon today if I can't make it tomorrow, then I'll be in de central later. Argh... Sh*t!
I wanna go home! I don't wanna stay in this kind of stupid boring place!
Thing has turned up side down. I rarely listen to those kind of bloody sad song nowadays but just those.. hm.. Whatever lar.. Alicia Keys, Pussycat Dolls, Black Eyes Peas, etc. Those kind of songs that I don't used to listen to. When I'm gonna get mad, I just switch on the WMP.. Things really turned up side down.
Since when, my life just routine like that. Get mad, get normal, get moody, get normal. Get instability, get laugh! What de F***!!!!
Everytime when Jinn told me that I looked a lil okay than bafore, de next moment I would back to abnormal.. =.="
She wants me to write a caption- Jinn is very scare now. Cause I'm damn quiet. Aikss..
I just finished swept de floor, cleaned my desk!!
And now.. feel like have something.. gonna call CH lar..!
Oh yea.. last but not least, I think I really freak Shy out lar. I told her that I fought with someone this afternoon. She believed that... What to say.. Lolz.. But I really wish that I'll give a palm on that chick's face!

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