Saturday, December 03, 2005

Set it aside~!

I used few hours sitting in front of my pc and watching Love In Harvard. The beginning was kinda boring but the school life at oversea let me continued watching it. I just slept for four or five hours since my class at eight this morning.. Hm-- Friday morning. I suppose to be very tired right? Haha.. So funny.. I was afraid that I'll think much and I intended to go to sleep straight forward after that drama. If not mistaken I think that time was 11 something. Damn.. Never reach my word to sleep early.
Luckily, I didn't think much. Perhaps I succeed to set it aside today. So far it proceeds well.

When I was told about that, I felt pain for U. Seriously, I'm not kiddin' ok? Just.. Hm.. Speechless. You know, I know; you understand that, I understand that indeed. Take good care of yourself my friend. Like I told U, let ur friendship's happiness fill your day! You are kinda lucky, girl cause U will have less time to think about that since friends are around U.
Stay strong yea~ Bless you...

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