Sunday, December 04, 2005


I was humming the song normally. Out of my thought de tears dropped when its chorus. I hate that! I'm fed up with that d. Is it I really have to face it? Alright. I tried to do so.
I tried to do what my roommate told me. Think properly about the past, the present and the future. I don't wish to on the light. The past... I sat on my bed, closed my eyes and started thinking. I can't think at all when I opened my eyes. Everything was just like yesterday but unfortunately yesterday has gone.
I didn't really think about all the past. I proceeded to the present. It's so cruel. So cruel to me. He has nothing to say to me anymore. He has done everything that cruel to me. No matter mentally or physically. Perhaps it's not fair to him when I said that.. But if wasn't him?...
The present, the cruel... When your heart pain, you'll feel like crying and shouting; but when your heart break, you won't feel like crying but you will just take a deep breath and hope that there was nothing ever happen between you and another people..
Still I wanna face or avoid? Got my roommate's msg yesterday. I smiled after reading that cause I never disappointed her that time. She gives me 3 days holidays to think and hope to see a brand new 'me' on Monday onwards. Although just now I did think about something, she will never mind. Cause I've know how to manage it, I think.

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