Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lazy 2nd trimester!

What am I doing in this second trimester? Is it because the period kinda short then I have no need to concentrate at my studies? All were my fault! I thought there was only seven weeks for this trimester and I would be back on the third week. Ended up? I can't concentrate at all! My test is at tomorrow but now I'm laze-ing in front of my pc and do nothing. Just enter to the same web site repeatly..
How? 4 chapters I need to study and I've no knowledge about computing at all! How am I suppose to do? Study? I am not in the mood... And I don't even nervous when think about that! Just.. quite tension while seeing everybody is working hard.
I thought this was only the second week or something else. We really didn't realize that it's already the forth week and mid term is coming. And, following by the fifth week.. then.. the ninth... Just five weeks left then I get my holiday again. Five weeks? Just like my previos trimester break.. Yeah.. hehe..

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