Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Busy day!!

Kinda busy today. 8 hours class included the class replacement. What to do? Have to sacrifice that since I got NO econ. class at week 5!! Hurray~
Tomorrow will be an easy day for me cause I only have 2 classes. I have to do my laundry tomorrow and study very very hard cause my Mid Term Test is on thursday. I didn't even open the book yet but now that book is unfold on my desk. Thursday.. I might be very busy. 10 hours class man! Ofcourse with that class replacement again.

I get pissed off this afternoon! My tutor was ignoring me! What de hell... She screwed me up since I did nothing wrong but just fed up with myself. What was wrong that I fed up with my own stuffs? And she was like screwing me directly.. After that I decided not to ask her anything and I done all de things by myself.. When I wanted to show her that I've done my job, just wanted her to take a look whether it was correct or not and then I was about to leave that bloody class after that. Who knows.. Who knows.. She IGNORED me! B****!!
What de hell.. I can't believe that! She saw I raised up my hand but then she turned away like that. Just like that! I totally pissed off and submitted that assignment.
I left the class with Putri and I got no mood to accompany her to wait for her waffle then I just got back to my apartment! I just need to calm down. I got back, then I sat in de living room, cooling down myself. Tried not to tell anyone yet until I get myself calmed.
My roommate was curious about what happened to me cause my face was disgraceful. Lolz.. she doesn't know I was trying to make my face not that scarey. It's so ugly when the face is so "black"... lolz..
How am I going to survive in her tuorial anymore?

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