Thursday, December 08, 2005

U're hurting me, dear...

Again the money problems made me so sad. I got my pocket money from dad and mom this evening. I was so happy and thought I can save some from there.
I was told that I have to pay RM1811.25 for my fees. By that time I didn't know how to ask more money from daddy. I called mum. She said she'll inform dad.
Brother called me just now and I told him about the fees problem. I really don't know how to get money from dad since I just got from him. He didn't scold me but everytime when he uses that kind of serious tone to talk to me, some kind like screwing me.. I feel so sad.
I didn't mean to inform him lately. I informed him once I got know that news.

I just came back from somewhere and I got gastric now. Most probably is the coffee.
He called me again. I get screwed. Money! money! money!
U thought I don't know their condition now? U asked me whether I need 700 bucks a month. Well, I spend at least 400-500 bucks a month and I just get more for saving. Was that wrong? U want me to be frugality. Ok, fine. U made me feel like I'm not understanding...
Many of them thought that I have the money. I do have. But my parent don't have. What was so wrong for me to get the pocket money from them since I'm stdying away from home? I know. Saying that might feel like very not understanding. I did use my own money. I did afraid that mum will worry about my condition even she told me that no matter how she will help me. But now? Could U believe? A 6k plus account which left only 2 digits if I didn't get the pocket money from them.
U want be to frugal.. I will do it. I don't wanna get any pocket money from u all beside U realize that and send me that..

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