Thursday, December 29, 2005

Laughing at myself...

Yesterday we went to SFC. Jinn and I were waiting for Alex, her classmate. We intended to exchange Christmas persent but only 3 of us took it serious. WTF.. but it doesn't matter cause it was kinda happy. I got a Body Shop mini set from Alex.. Lolz... Pity him. He got a bracelet from Jinn. Somemore with butterflies... Lolz..
We went to Pearl together after that and ofcourse Ewen went along. Met Alex's friends. Playing and joking around there. Learnt some bar tricks from them.. Hehe..
We played a game and I'd been treated like a fool~ Ha ha.. Not really la.. Just I was a bit slow and can't get what the game meant. Then I have to drink a bottle of Vodka as punishment. Luckily it was with orange favour. Alex felt bad about the Vodka thingy but I was ok lar.
They were taking roller cigarette. The tobacco is vanila favoured. That was so cool.. Lolz.. But it was heavy. Ewen Sim nearly jatuh terpelanting after took that.. Lolz..
Alex, Jinn and I have a plan. We intend to go to Pg then to Kl during this weekend. But now, the problem is, I don't know the way from Malacca to Penang.. sigh!

Before I went on bed yesterday, I was listening to Jinn. We were sad. I was lying on my bed. By that time I really feel very very down and pain. There's no doubt sometimes why those people can't stand for their life and commit suicide. I won't do that. If say that is because I am not stupid might be part of excuse. Just because I don't have the guts. But maybe I am smart also. So, 'no guts' might be an excuse.. Lolz..
Yesterday night.. Really wish that I won't wake up aymore. Since when I fell askeep? I don't know...
I won't be standing by de river side even I know I can't cross the river or even take a step forward(that's why Im standing there all de way). I will try to move backward. Slowly.. slowly.. move backward until I turn away...

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