Thursday, December 29, 2005

An extremely horrible 2005!!

I just came back from Friends with Ewen and Alex. Before that we went to MP and had Burger King there. Again, it was fun. Both of them are high but Jinn and I are so bengang-ted seeing both of the fella laughing and laughing!!
I'm not going back this weekend. Most probably I'm going to KL with'em.
I can't wait for a brand new year. A brand new life? I don't know I can achieve that or not. It just depends on how do I think and how do I manage it.
2005- It really sucks!! It's so horrible. When I recall the entire year, I'm living in a sucks, depressed, moody..etc.. What the F***!!! After broke up with Yb.. I was like a dead person. When de cut had not fully recovered it came another one. Aiks.. Dead another time... Untill now.. Sh*t.. I've been living in this kind of f*cking life! Bloody arseh*le! Ish...
No way.. no way... I can't let it proceeds to 2006. Oh.. ofcourse I had spent some cheerful moment with my family and friendz~
Fu*cking 2005! End up as fast as it can!
Wish me all de best and all the best to anyone of you..
Bless you...

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