Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I hate to be alone!!!

Arrived early in de morning at 6. I took a nap then I went to de class. I was told that I've missed a lot of things. There was additional marks for comp app on Thursday but I was absent and I have to submit an essay for econ at 2pm. What de f***!! There are so many things need me to complete!
I went to a page, that she never knows that I knew about it. She spoke out my thoughts. She has de same feeling else she won't have the same thinking as mine.
When I was on de way back, I thought of him again. I don't know what's de real feeling of mine to him right now. I still don't know what kind of feeling that I suppose to use to face him. I thought it's quite difficult for me to cry bcz uf him nowadays. Ya, perhaps I am. It's not easy to cry out even when I wanted to cry. But when de feeling comes, I can't control that.. And yesterday night, felt hard to breath and next I can feel de tears dropping once again. I can't shift de focus point from that yet.. I'm too used to it.
Tamm, you are right. You did speak out my thought too.. Ya.. I rather he tells me that he doesn't have de feeling to me anymore.. and blah blah blah...
After seeing my thoughts from hers, it's painful. My heart is painful.. I.. forgot de feel of heart beating...

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