Tuesday, December 13, 2005

How do I feel?

My result for con. was out. I went for it right after my class just now. I should have feel discontent with my result but I can't blame since I just started my revision on that day. What else I can say?
I didn't feel sad(?) on what I heard yesterday. After I saw he appears in my list, feel like I have spite on him. I don't know what response should I give. I'm so confused with what I really thinking of and how am I feeling.. When I saw him, I feel that I'm furious and there's no way for me to give vent to. I keep my feeling till I almost cry out! Dropping tears not because of sadness but anger!
How am I going to face U??!!
"I hate u"... please, don't let these words come out from my mouth...

Economics- 20.50/27

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