Monday, December 12, 2005

Death penalty for U in my heart!

If wasn't Loon called me just now, I still don't know that U are so ruthless till U don't wish to have any implication with me. I thought I would be heart broken but then I realized that I'm not. Heart broken? No more onto U but just now, seriously heart head, badly.
Let me tell U. No matter what is de bargain between Loon and me, it's still non of your business! Don't thought that U are someone. Perhaps U were.
Maybe you aroused my grudge once again but I'll try my best to calm that down cause I don't wanna hate U. Not only you, I also don't wanna implicate myself in U...
Thank you so much! U let me realized what kind of person u are and what would a person do when he has changed! Thanks a lot bloody hell...

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