Friday, December 02, 2005

Back to normal...

I felt so frustrated yesterday. A lot of things passed through my mind and that moment I really didn't wish that I would see him anymore. I rather this fellow says something or does something that cruel to me so that I can take it as a reason to avoid him. He dumped me in an unproper way and without explaination, was that not yet cruel enough?
Maybe u were right, I took it too personally. I'm too emotional. When u asked me am I still like him. I did answer U frankly and I never doubt on my answer. But I think from now on, or I can say after the conversation with u, everything will be back to normal.
Yesterday, I thought I would be erase all the things that related with him; today, I feel that that is useless. How to erase that? Many things around me are related to him. Like my home, a lot of things..
'Girl...', the last call to me was that day, when I called him; that night when I had spit out everything.. Maybe I had think too much.
I can't let myself keep going on like that anymore if I don't want myself to be the current 'me' for the rest of my life. Yesterday night, was the last cry for U. I might wanna lean on someone and cry out loudly but now, I hope it wouldn't happen anymore. It was not feeling that good when I have to control my emotion which I wished to cry it out loudly, but... That was the last cry for U...
Thanks Jimmy. If wasn't you, I wouldn't have set up my mind. Between, I'm so afraid that I'll meet u guys less than before if I don't wanna see him.
Anyway, let's wish that I'll achieve what I want. The future? God knows...

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