Thursday, December 01, 2005

::Almost over U::

She was so curious on that then she asked me. It made me looked so proud. Like I was so proud of myself. Ha.. It was just an appearance. An appearance that to show off! I also didn't know what was de point of doing that- showing off that I'm fine but on the other hand I'm torturing myself...
'Why he has that power? Can make you laugh in a second and can make you cry in a second too.'
She asked me that and guess what I had answered. The answer that I never thought it would come out from my mouth.
'because I love him deeply, very deep...'
Tears dropped once again. So? Laugh at me then bastard! You are the winner now!

I was sitting alone at Ep park. Took a deep breath, then I blew it out. I looked upon the sky. It was so dark. I saw a plane flew by. Its light got my attention. I stared at it, I thought of my dad. I miss him. I thought of going to a vacation. Thought of leaving here...
"Almost over U" till "Into de death"... It'll be return...

You can get back to those who have treated you unfairly. -Donald Trump-

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