Friday, December 02, 2005

Unwell :s

I took a leave from my lecturer this morning after 1 hour English class. I can't stand for more there. My eyes were damn tired and yet my mind wasn't sleepy. I tended to get myself busy today since I have 8 hours class included tonight's Econ. class replacement at 8.
I didn't go to my Econ class which was at 12, right after my English class. Putri called me to go for the group discussion. We finished our Comp. App. proposal then I went to de clinic at Ep.
What de f*ck... The clinic is opened but, there is NO doctor for today! The doctor went to meeting and that snobby nurse. Well, perhaps she is not a snob but she has the look! I have to walk to de another clinic which is in de campus.. Argh.. Think I'll go there before de class replacement begin.
Mid term is just around the corner. Everyone around me has started their revision but loo at me.. What am I doing again? I have no guts to see my result. Macroenomic is so difficult; Computer Application- I have no idea with that... Sigh..

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