Thursday, December 01, 2005

Stupid Connection!

Finally the server is connected! Don't know what was wrong with the line recently. I called to the chief warden just now and she told me that still have to take about one or two days to check the connection, special for B block.. What de heck?! I thought I won't be able to do anything so I decicded to rearrange those pictures.. Hm.. Who knows.. The line is back to normal~

The day before yesterday I was not in the mood to eat; yesterday I eat a lot. Was damn lot! But please don't compare with when I was with Alex them.. Those moment were supreme HORRIBLE! I'm going to sick I think.. Got soar throat and flu... But I still ate chocolate, waffle and.. those rough things lar... No wonder my figure goes like that since my appetite is so unpredictable...
I didn't go to my English class at 10 this morning. Thought my sick will get worse but it still the same, soar throat makes me feel so bad...!

Oh, Louie will be in B'w tomorrow.. I really wanted to give her a surprice since I know she's coming back that day but now I couldn't make it. My mid-term test is coming unconsciously, right on next Thursday and Friday. Aren't those test at the 4th week? My God.. Time passes that fast..
My roommate and friends are going back to their hometown this coming weekend. Thought to invite my friends to visit me when my roommate is not in so that they can accomodate in my room. I gave Tamm a call just now and I was told that she has a test on Wednesday.. Ewen them are going back also but he promised me if my friends are coming, he'll stay so that we won't be that bored.. Lolz... Whatever.. They still have not give me the answer..

Last but not least, I saw a Malay girl during my class replacement yesterday night. She's my classmate. She has a pretty face. Something passed through my mind, 'Cyn suits that..'. After reading ur blog, U said U wanna change a new hair style isn't it? I think U cut a fringe. I mean those really fringy fringe.. thick fringe.. It suits U... Will look very attractive. Well, just my suggestion..
Got something in my mind but I'm not going to write in current blog.. To be continue...

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