Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Out of Sort..

My class is at 10 this morning but I woke up earlier than usual. I slept at 8 something yesterday night and that's why, I woke up so early.
I think we suppose to feel happy in our new day or at least not feeling down. What is going on with me? Today is the third day I'm feeling.. ..weird.. Ya.. Undappy? Down? What does it mean?
My first meal for yesterday was my Tomyam instant noodle and it was taken at 7 something in the evening. Maybe the mood influenced me and the main point was I am out of money~ Otherwise do U think I'll control my appetite if I have the money to eat? Not really control actually, I was just not in the mood..
I hate that... I'm so moodiness... It's so unfair... Is it myself who treat me like that and making myself like that? Cause they say, God is fair...

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JB said...

why are you so sad?