Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Lost control...?

I was lying on my bed, tend to take a nap. The song revolving around me, in my room.. I can feel my tears creeping at my face.. I can't feel the pain but just sad and down. Feel sad for the cruel reality. Suddenly, I lost control.. I just cried out loudly.. And then.. I couldn't keep it anymore.. I couldn't keep or even slow down my voice..
Tears are still dropping... I wish to tell somebody.. anyone who knows about it.. Wish to tell them that I'm so sad now.. I'm so helpless now.. I wanna call someone, but I didn't. I started the conversation with Simone, but I've no courage to tell her. I'm just chatting as usual with her...
My heart is bleeding... It is bleeding.. Anyone out there understand how I feel??

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