Monday, November 28, 2005


I should have go to bed now since I went on my bed at 0400++, 0500++ and 0600++ following by these few days.
I am so useless... Why I can't just don't be like that? After came back from KL, I didn't talk much. Even to my roommate. Perhaps she might think that I'm weird today.
Why should I torturing like hell but U are nothing there? And maybe U are happy there... I think it's pain enough. I can't feel the pain anymore. I can't stand for any pain, any lie or any excuse..
I'm listening to the songs and I'm down. But I just cool, I didn't cry. I didn't get mad.. I'm just.. cool...
I'm darn tired now.. What if if I fall asleep and wouldn't wake up? Or when I wake up I'll lost all de memories between U n me?
Will a normal person blame himself/herself that he/she is useless?

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