Friday, November 18, 2005

No worries...

Hm.. Since I came back to Malacca, I'm always trying to sleep early and maintain my sleeping time. Though it was not that early, I did maintain to sleep at 2a.m.. But now, I just came back from EP park there, gossiping with Jinn and CH.
Yeah.. Tomorrow just have 1 class though it's kinda early.. Sigh!
I think I'm alright right now.. Well, sometimes. I knew my mood swimgs sometimes but now I'm letting it well. Intend to MP tomorrow since Sumay is going with Khim. Oh.. After this week I have to stay at EP.. No more hang out!
That day while I was talking with Jinn, mentioned 'bout those things. Girls wut.. What else topic to talk about right?.. I knew, he wouldn't feel good also since so many things had happened. Jinn did tell me this. She can feel that. That's why I'm not blaming anyone. But I feel so weird. He hasn't feeling good while facing the same problem with me but why he still keep going on like that? These are human being. Selfish. Ha.. Really don't know how to say. It's hard to say..
Just.. I think it's time for me to admit that. I'm sorry. I feel that I'm de killer! I'm de one myself who ruined it! Ruined everything.. When I was darn down, I just wanna say I'm sorry... It happened.. What can I do? What can I only do is make myself better... Same to U yea... No matter who.. It's U... Everyone can be.. Try to make urself happy yea.. Oo.. So bad.. If he's happy then how 'bout me? I must be happier than him right? Hope so..
And I'm gonna try Cynthia's method- Give de sweetest smile to urself when U wake up~

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cynthia said...

Is work. try up that. if u have a good mood...u'll find that everything is just fine. we are s10 come always let this thing carry our mood...aiyar...right?? see!! we still have so many frens...he?? just means nothing for u only. I can do it...u sure can do it. :)coz we're sister what.