Thursday, November 24, 2005


I feel so stressed.. A lot of things that I haven't complete are waiting for me.. Feel so frustrated!!
Happy? U are so happy recently huh? U aroused my grudge! I hate U!!! Why? Or U want me to hate myself because I can't live happier than U living now?? What's so proud of? I don't know! I don't care! I just feel that U are again insulting me! Your smile is insulting me! Your smile is laughing at me! I don't care that much! Yea, I am sick! So what? U scolded me before! Don't U forget? U said that I am sick!! I'm really sick! Sick enough! YOU! U 're the one who made me sick! The stress around me making me sick!!
So funny! I wanted to say, I'll live happily when de day I release myself.. When de day I don't hate U! But... So sad.. Even myself are laughing at me now.. I didn't hate U.. Just sometimes.. I don't know what I want!! What do I really want? I hate U? No, I can't really hate a person.. But.. Sometimes U did make me mad at U!
I feel so sick! So abnormal!.. What's the matter with me?

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