Thursday, November 24, 2005

Extra Effort~

My eyes are darn heavy man! Everytime when I am doing my homework or doing revision, this will happen.
During Econ. class this evening, the award had been given to those who scored an excellent result which their CPGA is 3.67 (if I'm not mistaken) and above in the first trimeter. The parent will be announced that their child had get a good result by letter. Hm.. Feel so envy.. How proud are my family and I if I get one like that. It strengthened me up that moment and I did pay my attention just now.
I have to rearrange my stuffs so that it won't that mess and making me couldn't concentrate. Ha, is this an excuse? Hopefully not yea.. Got tons of homeworks to finish man! But when think of my family, it's time for me to something for them. All I can do by now is let them feel proud of having this daughter. It has been a long time that I didn't let them feel extremely proud of my result. And one of the incentives for me is, I just get know that a girl has got a high CGPA score. Haiya.. I don't know her at all.. Why should I care that much bout this fella? Freak lar! What's the matter with me? Lolz.. Non of my business right? What I wanna do now is right for my family- my mum, and myself.
No matter how, at least I have to finish one subject!

My homework:
(compulsary and non-compulsary)
Alpha Traces, English 2.
English Exercise.
Computer Application, online notes- tutorial.
Principle of Macroeconomics(PPE 0025)- Revision
Assignment- PPE 0025.

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