Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Try ur best...

I dined with San just now. We sat at Ep Park there and chilled for a while. Sometimes I'll think of him, I mean 'him'. A lil bit miss him sometimes. Perhaps just like missing a friend. I do miss all my friends there.. Then I told San, I don't wanna cry because of this guy anymore. I would never cry because of him. Maybe I'll drop my trears when I think of that but not bacause of him. I'm just recalling our memories sometimes. Even I cry, I'm just feel.. Just feeling sad or..? Sad? Not sad perhaps.. 'Why he becomes like this? Why both of us will be like that? Why? Why? Why?' No, I wouldn't ask any 'why' anymore. Feeling pain? I can't feel it now. My heart is numb enough already. Numb till I can't feel the pain. I just know Shella has to make an extra and a greater effort.

I'm waiting for Boy now. He wants to challenge me in congkak. If he can beat me 1 game then I'll treat him whatever he wants. If constant, then he has to treat me whatever I want, but just below 5 bucks I think.. Actually I don't remember what we bet d.. Ha, ha.. We discussed it while in de library. I didn't study at all but just end up crapping with him and this stupid betting. He'll beat me one day, but if he beats me once, he has to beat me twice in de second game and additional 1 game accordingly.. Whatever.. He wants to challenge me in basketball after term break. He's good in basketball, so I have to practice when I get home.

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Sashiki~ said...

Hello...Is me..
Em just wanna share something with u..
A fren of mine told me this
~ Missing some1 doesn't mean tht u hv to meet him or her, sometimes u can enjoy the feeling- miss~~
There are both side, 1 u may think tht it is suffer when missing some1 but it may be sweet too..For me mayb most of it will be suffer..wahaha. But it depends rite? It only depends on how u judge it.