Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Thanks ya Sashiki, thanks for your comment. I agree with that.
It's late at night, I took my bath at 5 just now. Thanks Boy, U said you feel pain but U never think of crying. You're numb and it's useless for you to cry anymore. You know that it won't come back anymore so U're not going to cry.. I know. That's why I said I cried not because of someone else. I cried because of de memories..
I have to go on my bed but my hair still not yet dry enough. Chatted with my crush just now.. Gosh.. Haha... So contented with that.. Hmm.. whatever, he's just my crush.. Just a picture for me. I never think more than that. Just for myself's fun and saticfaction.. ha...
Oh ya.. Boy didn't beat me while playing congkak just now.. End up treat me a chocolate milk shake and I ordered toasted bread.. 1 buck only then I ordered 2.. See! How' I'm going to lose my weight? But all just 5 bucks.. And the nasi lemak biasa is quite nice, just RM1.50.. I'm gonna take it as my dinner tomorrow and continue my congkak competition! Ha, ha, ha!!
Alright, gotta stop by now and take a good rest.. Relax my mind! Tomorrow will be a better day..
Before that, Happy 18th Birthday ya Zuyi!

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