Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Rest In Peace..

Got a bad news today. Chin Jia's mum has passed away. I feel so sorry while I heard that and really hope I can give another hand to her. That time I was on my way back from Jenny's saloon and when I switched on my phone, I got Tamm's msg. I distracted for a few seconds.. Then I started feel bad. It's really feel sad for her, that's de feeling... I don't know why.. Just hope Chin Jia will get stronger... And hope her mum will rest in peace.. God bless her..

Went out with Chu Wei that day. We hanged out at Secret Recipe 'bout 2++ hours. Then went back and sent Alen's assignment to him. After that went to Ayto City with Simone. Chu Wei said she feels I've changed. She prefers that...
well... I gtg now... Alen wants me to tapao something for him. Will continune my story tomorrow.

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