Monday, October 10, 2005

~Home Sweet Home~

Finally I reached home. Finally I can post up my blog. Failed to post it up yesterday cause Izzac kept disturbing me.
Two months. It's been two months I didn't come back. When I was on my way to jetty, I tried very hard to recall de direction to Juru. God! I totally forgot de way. Well, I failed all my planning. I wanted to give her a surprise but something happened and spoilt my plan. When I wanted to give Jimmy a surprise, I lost my way to Coaster..lolz..
Went out with Jimmy just now. Met Chean after that. Tammy and Cyn them are on their way back to Kl d.. Bored.. All of them went back to Kl, Shy has to go to school. Everyone is busy with their own stuffs.. hm.. I still have my family..:)
Yea, luckily This week is Jimmy's study week. Still have a week time to hang out with them.
Chean said I'm fatter.. Don't know why I didn't feel anything. Perhaps I know I am. Ha, ha. Alex them didn't say anything but I think they realize it also. Don't know why I'm not so care about their oponion right now. Not don't care. It's just like I know how to compare the judgement and advices. They said I'm fat, just their judge on me. But if it sounds like giving advice, I might keep fit I think. Ha, ha.. Still feel happy with that.. :)
Ar... Can't wait to see all my friends.. Really miss them a lot!


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