Thursday, October 06, 2005


I'm not feeling well today. Vomited 2 times. After my lunch, I vomited it out cause it's really uncomfortable. I had a long nap just now and after had my dinner at 10, I vomited again..
I was a bit down that time. After that, I got my dad's massage. I sent a msg to him yesterday midnight but I didn't get his reply. He replied me just now and askedm e nt to worry bout everything. I'm really happy with that. Who knows, not long later, he called me. I told him that I'm sick since I failed to get my mum. That time I was with my friends, doing account down our apartment. Not long after that, I got Alex's call. So funny. He always make me laugh.. After got this 2 calls from my family members. Everything will be fine, this is what I told myself. They gratified me. Feel so touching when got dad's msg and his call. Thanks ya daddy. Thanks ya Alex... I love you all...

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