Sunday, October 02, 2005


Hanged out with Jinn, Epin and Boy just now. Now I realized that somewhere of Malacca really not that bad. That's nothing much different with Pulau Tikus there.. We went to Amigo for our dinner. Somewhere like Faces.. De food there not bad. Then we hanged out at The Friends Cafe. The area there are something like IS coffee...erm.. Secret Recipe is just opposite.. Then the row there got other's cafes also... We were having fun there and then we shifted to Wings Cafe to meet Epin's friends. Tonight there got charity so we have to pay if we wanna request for songs.. Chilled there for a while and went back at almost 12 cuz Epin had to go back before 12.. Three of us continued chilling down EP there untill now.. Talk 'bout many stuffs..
Really realized that actually Malacca is not that boring as I thought as first. It just depends on how you use to enjoy it.. right? I'm happy to join with Epin them.. I mean Boy, Epin n Jinn... Thanks for spending de night together... Though I've spent 16++ bucks.. Kinda excited, shifting from a place to another place.. If Epin can go back late I think we're not coming back that early.. hihi... Hm.. Think I've to go to my bed d.. Oh.. I'm worried 'bout how I'm gonna bring back my stuffs... I don't know how many bags I've to take bag.. When I came here I took 7 packs.. And when I went back with 1 bag, I came back with 2 packs.. Imagine... How many packs I've been bringing here d? God! I've to bring all my clothes back.. I've to bring my 8 pairs of shoes cz some of those I'm not going to wear that's y I've to take it back. What's de point lar? I'm just only wearing 5 pairs between them.. Stupid! Me and Jinn are bothering 'bout this stuffs... My eye bags, my extreme round face and round body are killing me!!

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shy said...

thanks for ur testimonial..i think u can adapt ur life there well,get what i mean ?