Monday, October 03, 2005


Got her comment. Yea.. I nearly forget to ask myself whether is it I've adapted the life here and begun to enjoy it as well...? Think so. I really have to memorize those directions cause I'm waiting for that day, that day when my friends are here; I wanna bring them to those places that I like. Not like but place that can comfort me and I know if I feel that, they'll have the same too. I'm really waiting for that day...I slept at 7 something this morning. Kinda ridiculous isn't it? I did. Me n Jinn. I'm tired but I don't know why something still bothering me. Then we started packing. We kept all our clothes except innerwear. I just left those t-shirt and short pants which should wear at home and I think if I'm going out, I have to take out all my clothes cause I had keep it all...We talked 'bout our family problem yesterday night. Actually we'd talked about it when chilling with Boy, but most of the time just listen to his story.. I don't know how to say that but I just know, since yesterday night, well, this morning, my mind and feeling that wanna give my mum the best has improved. It becomes stronger. Not only my mum, and also my sister. I wanna give both if them the best. This feeling is that strong, perhaps it mixed up with some hates. Hates towards my cousin. What they did to my mum and my family, I want them to pay double in return. Last time I was still small, still young. I'm no longer those small kid that U can bribe with stupid toys or material. I admit that I'm materialistic but I'm gonna get what I want by myself, my own! Just wait, better don't mention 'bout those things in front of me. I don't know how I'm going to insult u.

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