Saturday, October 01, 2005

Leave me alone!!

I thought I'll write an artical about Jonker in my blog! No!! No more!!
I'm really really.. Nothing to say!! I'm extremely anger and not satisfied but still have to control my temper and emotion!!
I paid for de partol first. It was 10 bucks. When we were dining, I bought entxa Noynya kuih and that time really don't want them to pay, just want to treat them. I din't count that much and I didn't tell them that I paid for that. just took it there and asked them to eat. Fine!
While on the way, I was thinking whether I'll regret for going Jonker or not.. Then when I came back, before I found one thing is really really mad me up! I was still thinking that I had have fun there! Now?? I rather I din't go out for the whole night!! Really fucked up!!!
I found I lost 10 bucks! Most probably that hawker gave me the wrong change! 10 bucks u know!!! I'm trying hard to survive but I lost 10 bucks without anything!!! NO! Suppose is 11 bucks!! I paid extra for the patrol. Why me? She counted the money and told everyone is 1.50. I din't realixe that time. When I'm sitting here calculating... I paid 2.50! It doesn't matter for the extra 1 buck! I don't mind! But... will U understand my feeling now?? ARrrrGhHhh!!! It's impossible that you want me to tell them.. 'hey guys, you guys suppose pay me 1.70 but not 1.50..' what de heck la.. '20 cents u also wanna kira meh'?? Fucked up lar bargirl!
Just now I was still on my page, my personal acc. page.. I don't wanna pay for the extra and I don't wanna accept the fact that I lost 10 bucks!! Think if it's you you'll do the same thing.. Sitting there with your acc. page and keep hoping your money will return!! Finally, I closed it! Just take it as a lesson! Tomorrow, I'm not gonna go out anymore!! I really really...!! ARRGHH!!!!!!!!
I wannt shout but I have to endure it... Feel like scratching!! The only way!!!
Oh ya!! There's another thing that made me feel that they are super not understanding and... Which word shall I use to describe that??
Well, usually when I was with my friends, best friends, close friends.. When that was pack at de back, everyone will sit in and out automatically... No one will complain or blame for that. Just now, 4 person at de back. When we were fetching another gal, last gal, sure pack at the back. Then, I just said, we sit in and out but.. No respond.. They heard that I knew.. Just nobody wants to do that! Fucker!!! Then?? What?? I was the one who asked that gal beside me, you sit inside, let me sit outside. Ha! Ha, Ha, Ha!!! She thanked me with 'Oo.. paisei ha'... """""""""... Really frozen!! I'm fed up!! Totally fed up!! I don't feel like wanna talk to any of them!! PAY ME BACK THAT 1.50!! I'm not going to be the stupid next time!!
AHHH!!!!!!!!!! Leave me alone PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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