Thursday, September 08, 2005


Why he doesn't understand me? Why he doesn't try to understand me? He said no need to follow the due date. Ok, then fine. Maybe he was right. But I'm de one who is studying and have to sit for the exam.. Why? why he didn't try to console me?? His tone was like why I don wanna use my own money? Meaning if I don't get the money I can use my own money first. But the point is I don't wanna mess up my money d.. I'm seriously overspent!! And another thing is I don't have that much in my acc d.. It just left 400++..
I don't wanna let my mum know about that. I know she won't able to settle this problem although she wishes to. What if she know? I'm just adding de burden onto her.. When I think of her. think of her face. She's no longer a no-worries woman but look wan. Can you understand that feeling? It's very pain while u see her like that. I don't want she has a look like that. In addition, I cannot ask money from daddy now. Alex told me not to do so few days before. According to mum, dad is not in a well financial situation this month. So I decided not to ask from him.
I don't wanna be mum's burden. Just called her. Wenghou got num to write. Feel like got a lot of things wanna tell her, wanna let her know. Wanna ask bout her.. want her to take care of herself.. Many many things that I want to tell her. But when things are going to come out from my mouth, it choked with sobs.. Mum, please take good care of yourself.. I miss you...
What I'm suppose to do now? I've out of idea!! I couldn't endure anymore..

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