Thursday, September 08, 2005


Just got know that I have to pay 600++ for the tuition fees. Tuition fees? I just know it's compulsary. The worst is, de due date is tomorrow. How can I get 600++ suddenly? That moment I was like.. my mind was like..blank..
I sat at there, that time I couldn't do anything.. What I did is grit my lips and swallow all de tears.. While on my way to Ep, my mind was totally blank.
She is online. If as usual, I can talk jokes with her but just now, I couldn't say anything.. I think she doesn't now my situation yet. But after this I think she'll know that.
Environment really can change people's mind and thinking. It'll make you more mature..
During English class, suddenly Syafiq asked me whether going to Cyberjaya next year. My asnwer was just "yes". I didn't say anything although he looked confuse that time. I know what I was thinking last time. Malacca not bad wut, I can adapt now.. Wherever I also can study.. But now? I just wanna leave here.. Just wanna leave.. I didn't tell them any single thing bout my mind. They won't understand and that is not a must to tell them..
Money is killing me...

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shy said...

how u gonna settle the 600++ ? i feel that, u must discuss with ur mom..maybe u dont want to let her worried about that, but as ur mom, its a must to tell her, dunt u think so ?